Deciding = Committed Action

I recently ran across a quote that said “You haven’t truly made a decision until you have taken action”. This resonated with me. Although I consider myself to be a person who is intrinsically motivated, determined and a self-starter, the initial act of getting started WAS (up until now) challenging for me particularly when it came to maintaining a healthy lifestyle or starting my own business. It is difficult not to become overwhelmed by the details about what it would take to accomplish there goals.

Like many people, I often tell myself “I will start on Monday” or I will start ________(fill in the blank with any arbitrary start date)”. This in part is because I allowed myself to believe that those future dates would provide the “right” conditions rather than realizing that I have the power to create the right conditions from the moment that I make the decision to act. While reflecting on what is currently working in my life and what was not working, I realized that the times I was most successful was when I decided to start NOW without taking into consideration what it looked like. Eventually, if I stuck it out long enough I received the fruits of my hard work.

In October 2016, I made a series of decisions that have radically changed my life for the better. The first decision that I made was to start prioritizing goals and dreams that I have been putting on the back burner for nearly half a decade. Although, I have accomplished some success up until this point, it is not satisfying when I know that my current successes are just a few of many milestones in which I am extremely grateful for but not the end goal. I am grateful to have attained multiple degrees, survived moving to the Big Apple all alone nearly 10 years ago from a small town in Georgia, and to have grown in my profession as an educator. All of this is great and I don’t want to diminish what I have accomplished, however, I am sadly disappointed when I realize that my ability to impact those around me is so much greater than those accomplishments. My accomplishments have brought more fulfillment to me as individual than it actually gave to the world. This is bothersome for me because my ultimate desire is to help other people through ministry, acts of service, and education.


Recently, I have started up two businesses. I am currently a brand ambassador (distributor) with ItWorks Global. With this business, I get to connect with people and help them reach their health and wellness goals. For that reason, I am extremely grateful. I started this business because I value the fun that other distributors I know were having while getting paid to party, I value the freedom that this business gives me to work at my own pace and from anywhere, and I value the financial increase that it adds to my life. The second business that I recently incorporated is my own Lifestyle Design and Consulting firm in which I seek to empower others to find balance in their lives by being intentional about the outcomes they want to create in all areas of their life (i.e. career, family/relationships, health and wellness, finances, and spirituality). In addition, I support others with goal setting, creating actions plans for success, and personal development. Ultimately, my goal is to help others maximize their interpersonal and intrapersonal awareness.

I want to challenge others to reflect on what “decisions” have been made without committed action? What can be done NOW to get the results? The only moment guaranteed is the one we are living NOW!

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