Declutter Your Mind, Declutter Your Life

“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.” – Barbara Hemphill
As spring approaches, there is a sense of newness in the air. The days are becoming increasingly longer as the sun shines later into the evening. I don’t know about you, but this time of year gives me life. I am a lover of sunlight and longer days are just what I need to be energized and rejuvenated. Typically when seasons change, people use this time/ natural transition as an opportunity to declutter and reorganize their physical space. Decluttering normally takes the form of getting rid of items you’ve accumulated over time.
There is something about decluttering that lightens my mood and my spirit. I feel clearer and it actually helps me to think and focus. I remember in college, I often cleaned and decluttered my physical space before starting a new task or studying. The act of decluttering heightened my creativity and created a space for intense focus. Decluttering doesn’t have to be limited to our physical space. Sometimes we declutter our lives of people that are no longer making healthy contributions to our lives. We declutter our bodies by eating cleaner foods to energize and detox our bodies of toxins. Lastly, we can declutter our mind and spirit by engaging in silent meditation or prayer. The point is decluttering is something that is often viewed as optional or is done without a sense of urgency, but I would argue that it is a necessity and should be practiced frequently across all areas of life.
Lately, I have not only been thinking about decluttering my physical space, but I have been thinking about decluttering my mind and ultimately my life. For quite some time, I used time as an excuse. I told myself that having the desire or motivation to do something different was not the issue. I just didn’t have enough a time. When could I find the time to be silent, to read, to meditate, and to pray? My life felt overloaded with activities and tasks I had to do; therefore, the first things to go were things that I felt were optional (like being silent and still for the purpose of getting clear about what I want and need).

I realize that when I do not declutter my mind, body, and physical space I am not open to receive something new and my life feels void of peace. I have found that when I make time for myself to be silent and to get clear on who I am and what I want everything else falls into place. Things that used to take me twice as long to do take half the time.
Many people have asked me how I find time to write blog posts, manage developing two businesses, connect with my spouse, and be a mother. My short answer is: I have to make time to get clear and declutter daily. It is not an option for me. I am not at peace when I don’t create the time to declutter. In the seasons of life where my life was cluttered spiritually and physically, there was no peace. When I don’t have peace, it affects all areas of my life.
What ways can you declutter your life? Start today by creating some time for yourself to release negative energy from your life.

1 thought on “Declutter Your Mind, Declutter Your Life”

  1. Great read, Tye!! Decluttering is so important. I’m learning how to do so each day, discovering areas of my life that are in need of some spring cleaning. Well said and well done. Thanks so much for this!


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