blank-canvasFor several days, I have experienced a feeling of “nothingness”.  Typically, the term nothingness carries a negative connotation. Its standard definition is associated with the absence of life, insignificance or void. Nothingness, by my definition, is a space in between where you are and where you want to be. It is the space between being concerned and surrendering.  It is the space where expectancy (hope) lies and where faith is nurtured and cultivated.  It is a space where my heart yearns for more but is grateful for all that I have and what is yet to come.

I am content in knowing that I am giving my best in every area of life while relying on God to turn my best effort into more than enough.  For me, nothingness represents a blank canvas.  Blankness does not equate to the absence of life or void. Instead, this blank canvas represents possibility. This blank canvas brings an overwhelming sense of peace because I have decided to trust that what I have yet to see or experience is not as far from my grasp as I once thought. This nothingness comes with an overwhelming sense of trust. I am not bombarded or overwhelmed by the intricate details of how things will work out in my life.  When faith meets corresponding action, I get to trust that all things WILL work out for my good.

Things WILL work out! The key to success is DON’T QUIT!

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