Affirming The Life I’ve Always Dreamed Of

IMG_0398 I am a true believer that affirmations are powerful. We become what we think. Eventually, what we think slowly finds a way to manifest in our reality. I think it is in part because we act in ways that are consistent with our thoughts. From my experience, I have noticed that when my thoughts are inundated with all the things that I shouldn’t do I end up accomplishing what I don’t want rather than what I want. Writing and reciting affirmations aloud allows me to make declarations that encourage and support my vision rather than diminish it.

What I speak over myself and my family has the ability to alter our reality. I have recently felt more than ever that I needed to actually sit down and write out my own personalized affirmations that reflect and affirm the life that I have always dreamed of. I am not going to lie, I am often lazy, or “busy” which leads to making excuses.  However, I realize that failing to be obedient to what my Inner Voice is prompting me to do is costly. It costs me peace of mind and  the assurance of knowing that I can have what I declare.  It cost me time trying to figure things out rather than just believing that it is so because I say so.  I have faith enough to believe that God is always working things together for my good and  the conviction in me to write these affirmations is so strong I could not  ignore it any longer.

I know that God has blessed my life and continues to bless me.  I now create time to practice gratitude and meditate on my personal affirmations. I recently have spent many days and weeks meditating on gratitude. My goal is to identify something each day that I am grateful for. This practice allows me to recognize where God has opened doors in my life and given me provision in all seasons of my life. This practice also helps to minimize the fear that attempts to overtake me when I am embarking on something new.

As I have taken time to reflect more and more about life and what the life I have always dreamed of looks like , I began to generate affirmations that are in alignment with my vision. I want to encourage you to write your own affirmations, read them daily, and speak them aloud. There is enough abundance present in the world for you to live life to the fullest. Rather than living from a place of scarcity, realize that substance is created and generated when we think and act on our thoughts. It’s time to create and/or increase the intensity of your affirmations and watch things turn around in your life.


My marriage is God-centered, joyous, loving, connected, open and trusting.
My family is healthy physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
My family relates to one another positively and with LOVE.
My family prays together.
My family serves the LORD.
My household is a place of peace.
My household is full of ABUNDANCE.

My Life/Purpose
I am blessed to be a blessing.
I support others in achieving their goals.
I am living in ABUNDANCE, NOW!!!
I coach and I am coachable.

I am debt free.
I have financial freedom.
I have all the provision that I need to create the experiences I want (i.e. travel, investments, business opportunities, etc.)

My Body and Physical Well-being
I feed my body well.
I am healthy and whole.

My Faith
I walk by faith and not by sight.
I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.
I am loved and I love freely.

What do you want to affirm in your life today?

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