Damn, I’m Dope or Am I Good Enough

Damn, I’m Dope  or Am I Good Enough

“Be careful what measure you use to examine your worth.”- Tye

I have never been one to follow people on social media because they are famous, have a title or attract many followers. If I actually admitted how many celebrities I have never heard of until recently the average millennial might be appalled or tickled into a gut wrenching roll on the floor. You know the type of laughter that puts a cramp in your side. Yep, that’s the one!

The desire to not follow others is something I recently thought about. I also acknowledge that it has been something that I have never fully embraced even from a young age when people’s opinion of you “should matter the most”, Right?  Trust me, if I am willing to follow you there must be evidence of some level of authenticity, some connection, or some reason I am gravitating to you in that moment or season of my life.  I have learned that my connections to others is an intentional act and I chose to believe that many of the most meaningful connections and relationships I have developed with others were divinely orchestrated.

Are you honoring your truth or are you just following the hype?

Resisting the Hype

Why am I so resistant to following the crowd? Why am I so resistant to following the trends that EVERYONE subscribes to.  I think one possibility is that I want to live life on my own terms in my own way, not looking through a window into a life that I know nothing about or have no personal connection to.  There is a saying that says “everything that glitters ain’t gold.”  Now don’t misunderstand me. I do not think that having many followers, fame, or influence is inherently bad. However, I am cautious of the effects that following others to observe their lives without context can do to one’s own personal self-esteem, growth and development.

It’s all about balancing our perspectives and expectations for what life should look like for us in any given moment.  There is such a thing called delayed gratification which means we don’t always get what we want when we want it. Looking too closely at what others have and comparing it to your own life is not healthy and leaves little room for you to embrace the idea that everything you have is enough and when you are ready for something new, you will receive it.

I believe in the idea that life is a journey that we are on that teaches us, grows us, and calls us towards greater Wisdom.   It is our responsibility to tune ourselves into our Highest Selves to know when to look to others for guidance and inspiration or when to turn inward and deal with matters of the heart. It’s all a balancing act. 

Social Media Frenzy

Let’s be honest, I have found myself weighing in on the lives of other people with absolutely no context what so ever; trying to figure out why she wore that dress, why he said that, or whose political agenda aligns with my own.  That’s all well and good, but when I take a step back it added no value to my life and sometimes diminishes another person’s existence.  The truth is we are all growing along different lines.  I want to commit to saving my “criticisms”, feedback, and even opinions of others by exchanging criticisms and opinions with meaningful, intentional conversations that have potential to shift hearts and minds in a positive direction for a greater good.

Damn, I’m Dope or Am I Good Enough

I find myself battling between two ways of thinking.   At times I’m like, “Damn, I’m dope” and then there are other times in which I question whether or not I am good enough.   I have been told I am naturally a confident person.  This is intimidating for some and has sent me on a downward spiral into the land of doubting myself.  Why does my confidence offend others? How can I love me without affecting others ability to see value within themselves?

This isn’t law, but I am learning to balance humility with confidence. I know that I’m dope but where do I have room to grow? There is always room for growth. My newest (quest)ion to explore is how can I use the journeys of others to push me to be a better me without comparing my life to theirs or making others feel less than they are ?

My life is my life. Your life is your life. Live your life! Be Dope!

Something to think about

Who or what are you allowing to influence your self-worth?

Who do you look up to? How do they inspire you to be a better you?

Are there images, people, shows, music that lead you to question your worth?

What are the narratives you are telling yourself?


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