What matters most?

What matters most?

There was once a time that I told myself the story I can’t do this because……  I had made up my mind that the challenges I was presented with were greater than my ability to choose to have something work out even if it didn’t look exactly the way I envisioned.  I told myself I couldn’t save money because I needed to make more.  I told myself I couldn’t eat better because I didn’t have time to meal prep. I told myself I couldn’t work out because I work too many hours. I told myself all the things I could not do because…..

When I think about the stories I tell myself, it  is true that there are many factors that create barriers between me and my ideal life; however, I decided to write down all the goals that I want to accomplish in five areas of my life and then work towards prioritizing some aspect of each goal.  The areas of life that I focus on are:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Fitness
  • Fulfillment

I chose these areas because these are the parts of my life in which I crave balance.

My faith is the foundation for how I chose to navigate in the world. My faith in God allows me to have faith in what God can do for me and through me as well as the power I have to co-create the life I’ve always wanted.

My family is important to me because I am connected to their well-being and we were born into a connection called kinship and I choose to honor that connection.

My finances are the gateway to freedom and choice. When my finances are in order I get more freedom to explore options that I might not have otherwise.

My fitness is tied to my state of health and well-being.  I want to focus on my fitness in order to honor my body and live a healthier life. Not to mention, I also want to look good in what I wear and feel good about my body.

Lastly, my fulfillment is tied to my faith, family, finances, and fitness (health), but it is also tied to my sense of purpose and what I feel like I am put on this earth to do. I am always asking myself what matters most to me in order to pursue it.

There are times in which I feel like I am living my life neglecting what matters to me the most.  When I experience this feeling I know I am not living in alignment with my values. It is in that moment when I stop to think about what is working for me and what is not. Then, I think about what I can choose to do differently to create a different result.

What are the areas in your life that you want to prioritize?

Why are these areas meaningful to you?

What can you do each week to prioritize what matters most to you?

What stories have you been telling yourself that need to be rewritten?

Something to consider:

At the end or beginning of each week plan for the week ahead and write down one goal or item you want to prioritize that is in alignment with the areas of your life that matter most to you.  For example, one goal may be to take at least one to two fitness classes per week or prep at least two meals for the week. Adding this goal to your  agenda or checklist for the week can help you see a tangible result and change the narrative around what you are able to do.  So often we live our lives doing the things we feel that we have to do without prioritizing the things we get to do that bring us fulfillment. The goal is not to reach perfection! The goal is to choose what matters most. Do what matters most!

10 thoughts on “What matters most?”

  1. Thanks for sharing!! I’m in the process of defining and redefining my life and what does it look like for me. I appreciate the vulnerability of your article. I look forward to hearing more from you! 😘

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  2. Hello my dear! I could read your blog a few minutes ago. I like how you emphasized about create balance based on how you prioritize your different life’s aspects. I think you bring up an important topic as soon as people learn how to put in order their priorities they can work well combined both aspects life style and work routine. I can tell you based on my experiences that I created a life’s balance by putting in order my priorities and alignment them with what I can-really do, what I believe and what can I offer to myself, to my family and the world.

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