Inner Thoughts: Reclaim Your Power

“You Attract Your Dominant Thoughts” –Rhonda Bryne

Reclaim Your Power

Periodically, I like to dust off old journals.  I find that I typically uncover these journals at times that seem to be divinely orchestrated (not by coincidence).  I find these journals in moments I need to remind myself I am on the right path. I find these journals in moments I need to remind myself that all things are working together for my good. I find these journals in moments I am seeking more of God’s presence in my life. I find these journals when I feel down and am seeking encouragement to keep pushing through. I am reminded of hope, faith, and love when I read my inner thoughts. I remind myself to never lose faith. I remind myself that I have the ability to determine how I perceive every moment of my life. I reclaim my power.

Inner Thoughts

When I go back and read my inner thoughts from previous months or years, I feel both empowered and sometimes even disappointed.  I find myself feeling empowered when I see goals that I had written down come to pass.  I feel empowered when I revisit inspirational quotes, excerpts from books, and insightful words I recalled from conversations with others.  I feel disappointed when I see a goal and think to myself “well that never happened.”

When I find myself feeling disappointment, I chose to interrupt the negative self-talk by seeing the present moment as an opportunity to reconnect with my deepest desires.  I get to decide if I still want what I thought I wanted or see how much I have changed sense the moment in which I first wrote the words (thoughts) thrown across the page. I am reminded of the words of K.T. Witten which states “your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again.” This is reassurance that I can and will get there if I never give up on what matters most.

Something to consider:

Do you journal?  Do you go back and read your thoughts? What do they reveal?

What inner visions do you want to reclaim?

What do you believe yourself to be?

Several years ago I read a book called “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Brian Tracy.  I ran across a quote that stated.

“If you believe yourself to be an excellent person, loaded with talent and ability, friendly and popular, healthy and energetic, curious and destined to have a wonderful life, these basic premises will lead you to set goals, work hard and develop yourself and treat others well, bounce back from adversity and ultimately succeed.”

You are the missing piece.  What do you believe yourself to be? What story needs to be rewritten?

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