Morning Routines are Everything

Kick Starting Your Daily Routines

Are you struggling to wake up in the morning or are you up struggling to be purposeful with your time so that you can prioritize yourself? No matter where you find yourself, you can start a routine the moment that you choose to do something different. It is important that you set an intention to follow your daily routines.  Motivation alone is not always enough to get started. It starts with you! You are creating your routines based on YOU.  I encourage you to take the time to reflect on what matters most to you because this will be driving force behind the intentions you set. 

To establish your morning routine think about the following questions:

  • What do you value? (i.e. health, faith, relationships, gratitude, connection, etc)
  • How do your current morning routines align to your values? If not, why?
  • Who are you becoming? What habits align to who you want to become/ are becoming?
  • What habits or routines do you want to create to live into your highest vision for yourself? (I recommend starting with 2-3 routines)

I am not asking you to have the answer to all these questions in one sitting. Instead, I want to invite you on a journey to kick start your morning (daily) routines. Today is day 1, you are officially on your journey to crafting your morning routine.  Routines do not have to just take place in the morning.  I refer to my routines as morning routines because that is the most productive time of my day.  It is when I am most alert. It is when my husband and daughter are sleep and I can have quiet time that is MY TIME! I like to start my day in a quiet space. I incorporate movement (exercise), gratitude, prayer (meditation), and reading and/or journaling into my daily routine.I encourage you to start your day with routines; however, there is no right way to establish routines and habits that work. In short, you can craft a morning or daily routine thar works if you commit to following through

I am only providing guidance designed to prepare you to be the architect of your life by crafting routines that are in alignment with your purpose, passion, and personal commitments to yourself. You most likely began this journey because you want to establish some new routines or maybe you want to find somewhere to start.  Daily habits contribute to our overall success or the lack thereof. As a result, it is important that we pay attention to our patterns and shape our habits to contribute to who we are becoming.  The opposite is to reinforce patterns that do not serve your highest good. Are your daily habits in alignment with your values and who you want to become?

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