Core Values

We value Faith, Intentionality, Self Love,Vision, and Community.

Faith: We believe that faith is the foundation of our ability to hope. Hope gives us confidence in what we cannot see.  At the core of our existence is the capacity to believe in the unseen which grants us the courage to embrace and explore the unknown.

Intentionality: We believe that “faith without works is dead”. We must take responsibility for the outcomes of our own lives and seek opportunities for growth in a purposeful and intentional manner.

Self Love: We value a principal that is coined by John C. Maxwell, an organizational leader, which is called the Law of the Mirror. This principal states “you must see value in yourself to add value to yourself.”

Vision: We believe that without a vision we meander throughout life without purpose. We value establishing a clear vision of what you want out of life.

Community: We believe that many people have been tainted with the idea of comparing themselves to one another and therefore breaking down our ability to support one another. Our goal is to create a community of encouragement and accountability.